No Talent's T-shirt

Inspired by post-hardcore, modern rock and metal, No Talent delivers an onslaught of taut thrashing-multi layered riffs combined with astonishing electronic notes and intense hardcore breakdowns that meld perfectly with lush melodic landscapes and soaring, irresistibly catchy choruses. Sharp technical precision meets raw inspiration on songs like the addictive "Apollo:1967" which is streamed in this page!
No Talent, is setting a new standard for creativity and originality. Coupling a new found musical maturity with an intense live show, No Talent is sure to introduce a whole new group of previously unreachable International listeners to the world heavy music. No Talent is also a hard working, dedicated passionate band that thrives for success with a Worldwide Fanbase. They constantly give their best in everything, no matter the situation!
Design by : Dmaz Brodjonegoro

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